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Deer Hoof Destiny

I am a practical joker. I enjoy the practical jokes, mostly those played on others. Don’t get me wrong – I am a good sport, I’m just more of a sport when the gag is at someone else’s expense. I have been playing practical jokes on my family since I was little. Of course, once […]

I Was Jaded.

My first love was Jill Dwyer in the 3rd grade. I was attending a catholic school at the time, Our Lady Queen of Peace in West Milford NJ, and she was my classmate. Jill had long fiery red hair, white skin with freckles and bright green eyes. I had never seen this combination before. To […]

A Cup of Coffee by Any Other Name

I Like my Coffee Like I Like My Women… We’re all addicted. Some people are addicted to chocolate, some to cute little kittens. I am addicted to hot water filtered through ground beans — coffee. I love the sound of it brewing, the smell, the taste. Did you know that coffee first begins its life […]

Meeting My Forever Love

When Smooch and I got engaged in 2008, I wrote up our story and displayed it at our Engagement Party. Since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share it again. Carol DeCook, a small town girl from Spring City TN, only child of Judith DeCook (retired school teacher) and Al DeCook (Community College […]

Confessions of a Yard Sale Junkie

My wife and I are yard sale junkies. I wasn’t always this way. Ten years ago I didn’t see the value in yard sales. Hey if those guys didn’t want it, why should I bring it into my house? Turns out you can find some awesome deals at yard sales. I have bought tools, water […]

Aunt Mary and Betty White

My Great Aunt Mary recently passed away at 90 years old. She was the oldest person in our family and the oldest person I knew, but that’s just because Betty White won’t return my calls. I used to call Aunt Mary when she lived in Connecticut and we’d talk for an hour or so. She […]

Christmas Wishes with a Crayon

(Spoiler alert – Santa is discussed openly in this blog. Young children should be excused from the room.) Well, the Holidays are upon us once again. Time to trim the tree, plan the recipes and write the Christmas cards. By show of hands – who still writes Christmas cards? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yet […]

Beaten by a Butter Knife

“Give me your knife,” she said. My wife was standing above a box that had just arrived at the house and was having trouble with the packing tape. “A knife?” I replied. “Yeah, your knife.” She chuckled. “All real men carry knives. Where’s yours?” I was caught off guard. I don’t have a knife. I […]

Kids are Puppies, Too

My wife and I have no children at home so like many of you, we have given personalities to our pets. We’ve rescued two mixed-breed dogs from the shelter: an Australian Shepherd named Gracie, and Billy a Sheltie Mix. Carol claims that Billy is a purebred, he just doesn’t have papers. (Yeah, and I graduated […]

Back Porch Baggage

My wife and I dated for a number of years before things started getting serious.  I encourage everyone to date for at least 12 months before you get engaged. Why? There are some critical questions that can only be answered at certain times during the calendar year. Will I still get to color Easter Eggs […]