Christmas Wishes with a Crayon

(Spoiler alert – Santa is discussed openly in this blog. Young children should be excused from the room.) Well, the Holidays are upon us once again. Time to trim the tree, plan the recipes and write the Christmas cards. By show of hands – who still writes Christmas cards? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yet […]

Beaten by a Butter Knife

“Give me your knife,” she said. My wife was standing above a box that had just arrived at the house and was having trouble with the packing tape. “A knife?” I replied. “Yeah, your knife.” She chuckled. “All real men carry knives. Where’s yours?” I was caught off guard. I don’t have a knife. I […]

Kids are Puppies, Too

My wife and I have no children at home so like many of you, we have given personalities to our pets. We’ve rescued two mixed-breed dogs from the shelter: an Australian Shepherd named Gracie, and Billy a Sheltie Mix. Carol claims that Billy is a purebred, he just doesn’t have papers. (Yeah, and I graduated […]